Archives for: April 2009

Safety Issues

*Saveloy* Skip may be along soon with a bit of an update on the chabble saw - when I say soon, one has to take into account the fact that his typing speed may be 10% slower. (There's pictures and everything XX() This comes hot on the heels of the:… more »

Less is More

Not sure who said that first - possibly someone who was just offered a cold cup of sick to drink :no: Most of what we originally took ownership of, has now been burned, taken to the recycling plant in Byker, given away as Easter presents or possibly… more »

not banned, just not a member or allowed in anymore!

An interesting first for me today, been doing this internet malarkey, nearly as long as I've been doing this boating malarkey, 20 years man and boy as they say (bit longer with the wet things). But I've been defiled and finally lost my 'never been banned… more »

Nothing to go on...

So the surveyor man, came & went - we wish him a speedy recovery. Actually, it all went well really, didn't find much we hadn't already discovered, his nods as good as a wink as far as the insurance wallers are concerned so onwards and upwards. N… more »

The Surveyor Man Cometh

We're now officially masters of all we survey (I think). The surveyor came down to day, (cue dramatic music) gave the old girl the thrice over.... Actually wasn't quite as bad as we(I) we're expecting, although I've yet to see the full report, but over… more »