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not long now

OK, 7 days to D day, departure that is. be a doddle, just a few million quids worth of yachts to untangle ourselves from, turn a round a boat thats nearly as long as the Caley is wide, negotiate a load of locks and bridges and then hit the sea... in a b… more »


Once upon a time....

Another pic found on the internet, shows here in her heyday, when she was fishing out of Whitehills: If we can get her back to looking something like, then we'll be happy She was clearly well thought of in her home port of Whitehills, the local pape… more »

not long now

so, the paperwork is done and she's all ours. Another 700 mile round trip this weekend, fitted some more electronic wizardry and had a good old poke about in anticipation of the voyage back to the Tyne. so we slept on a Pansy for the weekend, least I w… more »

In the Beginning...

well not in the beginning, a bit later, well 1938 actually, Pansy BF494 was built by the Macduff Engineering Co. She was built for J Wiseman and others of Whitehills and as far as we can see, had no other owners or name/number until she was sold to a Pe… more »