Archives for: October 2010

dance monkey, dance! (aka the Pansy Knee Trembler)

No, I'm not moving to Hartlepool! Got the last bit of the neww rubbing strake done today (well port side anyways), there weren't a soul around the place so the monkey dance involved me, one foot on pontoon, the other on the rudder chains 5 feet away, tr… more »

Another dent in the roof!

Boat stuff on pause for a couple of weeks.... not content with some big Larch sized footprints in the roof of the car, I sort of went one better last week, and stuck a Mazda 2 sized dent in the roof instead. Needless to say the car really really is wri… more »

I name this ship.....

Anyone remember: Pansy gets her name back Well today was a bit of an occasion. Quite a major landmark in my sad little world! Pansy really did get her name back. The name boards I made 2 years ago finally made there way aboard. An important thi… more »

bit too damp...

... to do much today. Damp on the outside and wet on the inside. Glad I went down today, the indoor water feature had re-appeared, bilge pump going off every 6 minutes! Not long now though till that's resolved once and for all. If all goes to plan, s… more »

so close.....

Did a bit more today, weather looks shite for the next few days so going to have to wait a bit longer to get the paint out and turn her around. Discovered another bit of scabby plank so ripped that off and stuck a new one one, stuck the new timber on th… more »