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how time flies

'twas a year ago this week when we signed on the dotted line, been quite a lot of water under the boat since then (and in, and on and through and possibly up as well), hard to believe, but there ya go, so thought it might be nice to throw up a few photog… more »

We're gonna need a bigger boat!

And a smaller deck! We have a lot of stuff on the boat at the moment, most of which is being fed into our antique MachineMart (C 2009) wood burning stove. By the way Skip that hole what you cut in the roof is a little larger now as the chimmley is settin… more »

broadsword calling danny boy, broadsword calling danny boy...

just a quick up date, loads been happening. found an bought a pair of absolutely mint Sailor radio sets for the old girl, yeah we've got modern DSC VHF's and all that, but these lads just look soooo right, in fact I'd also wager that Sailor manufactured… more »