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(very) high and dry

just a quick peek at how sexy those lines are - yes she is now very very clear of the water courtesy of the world most expensive speak you weight machine - hire a 100 ton crane and shout at the driver "how heavy is she" and he shouts the answer!qucik p… more »

something old something new

[video:flash:sea-harvesters]Fish Fight campaign to stop discards more »

Pansy's Granny Eats Spammers

Just realised, If every spammer that has stuck comments on with links back to all manner of shite, had given 5 minutes of labour, the old girl would have been finished months ago! must spend half an hour a day deleting crap for everything from fake ha… more »

In the Absence of anything cheery to say...

a couple more oldies. First the original Pansy, now lying at the bottom of loch ness: Built for an owned by the same family as original owned our pansy. A big Zulu under full sail and another whitehills one, Pansy lying inside lupin in the middle… more »

Gratuitous Nostalgia

Sorting through some old pics to try summon up the will to keep going, loads I haven't posted so thought I'd lash a few up, got one from every decade almost apart from the 70's and 80's. Must be some somewhere I reckon. Interesting to see the changes… more »

how time flies

'twas a year ago this week when we signed on the dotted line, been quite a lot of water under the boat since then (and in, and on and through and possibly up as well), hard to believe, but there ya go, so thought it might be nice to throw up a few photog… more »

No. 2' s lessons in life

OK - so now I know, there are brushes inside of starter motors and soneloids make sparks. It's a funny old world. I have finally committed totally to our lovely Pansy, no going back, went and bought what's known in working circles as a "Boiler Suit". I a… more »

Once upon a time....

Another pic found on the internet, shows here in her heyday, when she was fishing out of Whitehills: If we can get her back to looking something like, then we'll be happy She was clearly well thought of in her home port of Whitehills, the local pape… more »