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extended intermission - in flight reading...

gone but not forgotten, just a bit of an impasse at present, should I shouldn't I will, will I won't I that sort of thing. I blame the weather among other things :oops: so perhaps a little little reading might be in order to keep you going. found a f… more »

What's in a name?

We have a boat called Pansy, she's named after a flower as are many other boats. We have taken mild abuse due to the less than manly reputation of the word pansy. An easy remedy to any of the cheeky jibes I have faced is to tell the comedian in question… more »

Skippers Eyes Only

Just back from our kid's after just getting there - me Nana's decided to have a stroke for christmas! Might get down tomorrow, if the thaw's still on could get some caulikng done. It was flipping brassics up there mind Pumped her oot btw before we… more »

Strictly Come Dancing

Will that help the Google rankings Skippar? Had the great pleasure of busting a few moves on the new deck today! We decided to take a chance and roll back the the tarp for the first time in yonkys to let the new floor breathe for a while, what a wonde… more »


Monkeys *Ahem* Another winter comes stuttering and staggering our way, not sure weather it's made it's mind up yet on this global warming affair. My born again enthusiasm and general - do a bit more fellah - attitude took a knock recently. It's gettin… more »

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!

I've found my niche and it is fire! Maybe we should have bought a disused cornfield and tried to convert that into a boat! Over the last three weeks I have managed to burn off at least 473 square units of paint with this gun type thing. I thought the fac… more »

Safety Issues

*Saveloy* Skip may be along soon with a bit of an update on the chabble saw - when I say soon, one has to take into account the fact that his typing speed may be 10% slower. (There's pictures and everything XX() This comes hot on the heels of the:… more »

Less is More

Not sure who said that first - possibly someone who was just offered a cold cup of sick to drink :no: Most of what we originally took ownership of, has now been burned, taken to the recycling plant in Byker, given away as Easter presents or possibly… more »

We're gonna need a bigger boat!

And a smaller deck! We have a lot of stuff on the boat at the moment, most of which is being fed into our antique MachineMart (C 2009) wood burning stove. By the way Skip that hole what you cut in the roof is a little larger now as the chimmley is settin… more »

Progress Report v8.35

*No.2 Sneaks into a lifeboat and pulls an old bit of sail over his head* "Oi Oi!" "Can't hear you mate, you're hiding in a boat covered in a sailage" "Aye - ok can I come out?" "Course you can you lemon, this is a virtual conversation between… more »