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jack hughes

Or was it J'accuse? Its been a stressful week. Where we left her drying was not a kind place to leave a boat, so she picked up a few scars. High water today was high enough to shift her a few yards to somewhere much more suitable for a few more da… more »

When is a hammer not a hammer??

When its a power tool - obviously.Make the most of the nice spring weather, had another day of doing. Now the delicate nature of the residents around the amrina is such that the sue of power tools is strictly verboten on sunday.So being consider… more »

So Much for Science!

Like all Scientific experiments, in order to hold true, you must be able to recreate the experiment. So what the hell, time for some more of the groovy plank dance.This time though, its was a case of one plank off and 2 planks on! Whipped the last… more »

Grumpy old Bugger

Another day another plank. to be precise 2 planks forwards one plank back. Gonna take one of the planks back off I did today and start again. I said lots of bad words :'(One or 2 of the passers by were amused, the one I threw the hammer at for sta… more »

Right then, where were we??

Blimey, its been ages!Finally a dry day, somewhere above freezing, so time to get back to it. Although it nearly didn't happen. I was away with the fairies this morning and happily pumped 50 quids worth of unleaded into the Land Rover before I rememb… more »

Deja Vu...

A weekend filled with several bouts of Deja Vu, the main one being looking at the grotty side of a boat again! Today the sun shone (a bit) so had a wee few hours tinkering. Got the last bit of paint on the port side, which involved an unpleasant coup… more »

dance monkey, dance! (aka the Pansy Knee Trembler)

No, I'm not moving to Hartlepool! Got the last bit of the neww rubbing strake done today (well port side anyways), there weren't a soul around the place so the monkey dance involved me, one foot on pontoon, the other on the rudder chains 5 feet away, tr… more »

No 1.. The Larch... The Larch

Just in case there's any Python Fans out there!. Needed Larch. So got some. Wrote my car off in the process though. Called in at the garage on the way home tonight to have it confirmed. Still driving it though. Basically, the weight of all the la… more »

Thanks Jeffrey!

Couldn't resist, still loads more to do but I just had to. Port side of the hull is now caulked and all the seams have been sealed with putty apart from a couple of bits at the hint end. Stood back an looked and then though 'got to do it'. Paint! I… more »

More deck caulking, hull caulking and seam paying...

Pay the seams? Gladly pay a small fortune at the minute to see them filled. slowly but surely though its getting done. Done another couple of days and most of one side is almost ready for paint 88| that'll be a shocker, will have to run her around… more »