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would you like ice with that

remember the cunning plan? 1:1 scale model trawler in kit form?? well thats on hold, its snowed (a bit) and got a bit chilly, so my beloved planks of elm are a bit well, deep frozen: anyone know what the effect of a bit of snow and ice are on rock… more »


It may have been noticed that No 2 has mentioned fire a few times when he's poked his head in here. Keeps mentioning something about 'the little people' telling him to burn things as well. Had a toddle down there to day to discover him in full pyro… more »

Keeping Boats Afloat

I don't know if you're aware of Advocado's principle - something about why 900 ton boats can float and a 2g ball bearing will sink like a stone (Concrete hulled boats - whassthaallabout?) Hang on, an advocado's a fruit or a yellow drink or a football man… more »

Stranger things have happened

Ford Fiesta - Marine Version Orrible colour! more »

No. 2' s lessons in life

OK - so now I know, there are brushes inside of starter motors and soneloids make sparks. It's a funny old world. I have finally committed totally to our lovely Pansy, no going back, went and bought what's known in working circles as a "Boiler Suit". I a… more »