Comment from: Greg Sitnek [Visitor]
I am in need of the following part:

Ford Lehman Diesel
6 cylinder
380 cubic inch
120 horse power

Exhaust Manifold.

Please reply, I would like to locate a used manifold.

06/26/09 @ 23:29
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
hi greg, there's one on ebay at the moment - item number 120439535694

I believe the block/head is the same as was used in the ford cargo 6D trucks here in the uk and also in New Holland combine harvesters as well
06/26/09 @ 23:39
Comment from: Ian [Visitor] Email
I live on the west coast of Canada and am looking into buying an 36 ft. old Taiwanese trawler with a older Lehman engine (5000+ hours use). I wonder how they mostly fail from use. i.e. what gives out in the engine? Is it the cylinders and bearings or stuff in the head? If it were the latter, one could presumably do a less costly head rebuild and not have to pull the whole engine for machining etc. P.S. Thanks for the manuals - very useful.
09/30/09 @ 00:21
Comment from: Andy Musgrove [Visitor]
Hi, just found this site, very interesting and helpfull. I have a 36ft motorboat with a 6d 120hp/borgwarner fitted. Just been out to her and found I'd left the water intake on and this has filled the engine, god what a bad day I'm having. Hope to be able to empty the sump and be OK??? Very usefull the PDF wokshop manual.
10/12/09 @ 17:39
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
water in the engine?? If its water that has just got in the sump from the breather or dipstick probably be alright, change the oil straight away though

you might find you got water in the gearbox as well if its been that far under water - we're borgwarner boxed and our little flooding incident a few weeks ago filled the gearbox as well

there's a link to a marinisation article up the top for the ford lehman as well:
Marinising the Ford Lehman 2700 - 2715 series of Diesel engines
10/12/09 @ 17:43
Comment from: todd f [Visitor] Email
looking for some kind of an idea of how many hours a lehman 85 hp marine diesel should be expected to run?the boat is 27 years old.I assume that to be the age of the diesel.also assume it has been taken proper care or ..(maintence wise).any realistic coment from expience greatly appreciated
11/09/09 @ 23:47
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
bit of a how long's a piece of string question that one!

I had heard 5000 hours between major rebuilds, suppose it'show the thing has been used and/or abused in its life thats the key.

if its any help, ours is an early 70's motor, no obvious scars to suggest its ever been in bits (all the bolt heads etc are still flat and true), so I reckon ours has had nothing more than the normal servicing when needed. Pansy used to have a Kelvin K3, and whilst it would be lovely to still have it, the fact that ford parts are cheap as chips, and they are pretty reliable workhorses, makes it worthwhile.
11/10/09 @ 00:27
Comment from: Darko [Visitor]
I have one Lehman manifold to sell
01/18/10 @ 15:25
Comment from: Ray Hayman [Visitor]
Hello, we have a 2715E in our lobster boat and last day during haulout the "cold start" button on the side of the fuel lever did not click into it's usual spot. Is this a linkage issue or is there something internal that needs to be looked at. If it is in fact a cold start button it doesn't work like it has in the past. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Ray
04/07/10 @ 23:56
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
hi ray,
for what its worth I'm sure the cold start button has ever done much on ours either. Its not really a cold start do much as an excess fuel device that sticks extra fuel in to up the compression and help it start. on ours it moves but has little effect on cold starting. Have just discovered there's a heater system that can be fitted to the inlet manifold which makes life much easier. Will dig out the details, its just a few quids worth/bucks worth of bits
04/08/10 @ 00:26
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
have a look at different ford engine but a pretty universal principle
04/08/10 @ 00:32
Comment from: Zamorano [Visitor]
Thanks a lot for the manuals... i was looking for a long time. Great Job!
04/29/10 @ 20:52
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
it's a pleasure!
04/29/10 @ 21:38
Comment from: george staehling jr [Visitor]
does anyone have info on airstarters for a 120hp lehman or an adapter for any airstarters?
05/25/10 @ 23:14
Comment from: Ben [Visitor]
i have a 2725e ford diesel marine like new for sale call 203-687-0849
Im in CT USA engine 5,000 with transmission
05/26/10 @ 12:38
Comment from: kevin [Visitor]
Hi Ben is the 2725E still for sale.
05/29/10 @ 22:20
Comment from: ron [Visitor]
looking for workshop manual for 2704et can anyone help on where to find on
06/07/10 @ 01:28
Comment from: Roger Frost [Visitor]
My original manual was water damaged from leaking porthole, much appreciate the opportunity to copy a replacement.
Fairwinds; Roger
06/13/10 @ 16:35
Comment from: David W. [Visitor]
I need to overhaul my 2715E. I need both bearings set, pistons and rings. Where can i get the part # and non-marine parts in the USA. Thank you.
06/15/10 @ 08:10
Comment from: Tony [Visitor]
im selling a 2725e ford marine in very good working condition call tony at 203-687-0849
06/27/10 @ 18:28
Comment from: Chris [Visitor] Email
hi, i need my borgwarner velvet drive 71c repairing anybody no where i could get this done in the uk? thanks for your help
07/22/10 @ 03:00
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
what ratio is you borgy box? I've got a spare one.. the one that's in is 1.5:1 and only has about 450hrs on it. I've got a 2.1:1 I'm replacing it with because we need a bigger ratio to get the prop gearing right
07/22/10 @ 09:17
Comment from: Slim Shaney [Visitor] Email
hello All nutters, am just rebuilding the ford 380 in my working boat conversion, and found enginefixuk (ebay seller) a good source for parts, i've had my crank reground and am replacing main and big end shells,rings and obviously all gaskets, found i got the parts required for upto half the cost of my early quotes using good old ebay (tigger1590 for gaskets) though as yet i'm struggling to find decent price for a damper plate (i have a 2:1 velvet drive box) if anyone has any suggestions? would be appreciated, cheers,
08/17/10 @ 12:03
Comment from: Ralph Higgins [Visitor]
Do nyou know where we can buy head gaskets for Ford lehman 4 cylinder engine (sailboat) close to or on Vancouver Island BC Canada? Thanks
08/26/10 @ 18:29
Comment from: John [Visitor]
I'm buying a running yacht to convert into a static floating home. Will be selling two good running 120 hp Lehman's, gearboxes, exhaust systems, fuel systems, plus a genset. Located San Francisco Bay. Hope to sell all to one buyer. (510) 757-3483
08/27/10 @ 07:31
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
I am just uploading an operators manual for Ford lehman 2722, 2723, 2725, 2726 and 2728 and 2722E, 2723E, 2725E, 2726E and 2728E marine diesel engines, I will email you a link to it.
09/08/10 @ 19:11
Comment from: Gary Stephens [Visitor] Email
Hi, I'm after a rebuild manual '4C62', can't find any reference to such a publication on the internet. Anyone know a source? Many thanks in advance.
09/16/10 @ 16:09
Comment from: Benjamin [Visitor]
Fantastic site.
I've got the full Ford 2700 Range Diesel Engine Workshop Manual. It's a 35MB PDF, so maybe I could send it to you through, and people can then download it from this site. I paid for it, so I don't see why others should have to!
10/06/10 @ 14:00
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
that would be brilliant... I'll email you to see what we can work out


10/06/10 @ 17:01
Comment from: Rick [Visitor]
Thanks for the Ford-Lehman manuals!!!
10/22/10 @ 20:44
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
tis a pleasure!
10/22/10 @ 20:49
Comment from: Brian [Visitor] Email
Thanks a million for the workshop manuals. Top man!
10/23/10 @ 06:58
Comment from: Al Butler [Visitor] Email
I need an oil pan for the Ford Lehman 120 engine. ASAP
12/05/10 @ 00:32
Comment from: Mathew Walker [Visitor]
Hi, I looking for a injection pump for a ford lehman 6cyl 2715-E series.

Thank Matt
12/08/10 @ 10:17
Comment from: Scott Hill [Visitor] Email
I'm looking to buy oil and temperature senders for a Ford Lees 2704et diesel motor. Having particular difficulty with the oil sender as it has a low oil alarm and I can't seem to find one-been to VDO and they don't know. Any suggestions where I might find these?? I am in West Australia
12/09/10 @ 02:32
Comment from: Bryan [Visitor]
Surely this is what the internet is really for!
Thanks for the brilliant work, time spent etc.
02/01/11 @ 11:36
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
thanks bryan. I do have a few more nuggets of info ford wise if you ever get stuck
02/01/11 @ 11:38
Comment from: Thomas Jansson [Visitor] Email ·
I cannot thank You enough, the documents found here turned my Ford project around. I can now proceed with facts instead of my crazy cousin´s "best guesses". Thank You for sharing and God bless You All!.

Kindly Thomas Jansson Gothenburg, Sweden
02/04/11 @ 22:12
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
its a pleasure Thomas! I do have a few more Ford bits and pieces if you get stuck
02/04/11 @ 22:18
Comment from: oldgaffer [Member] Email
i have a ford cargo 4 pot with a upright sump fitted have not had it me for moor details. andy thompson ps also have suite
02/15/11 @ 15:26
Comment from: tom [Visitor] Email
many many thanks , ive hunted high and low for manuals , just about to rebuild an engine ,,, good karma should come your way
02/15/11 @ 23:23
Comment from: kiwial [Member] Email
Hi all,

does anyone have a contact for a reputable rebuilder in the UK? We have a 2712e in our narrow boat that cr*pped itself & I have to decide whether to rebuild or replace with a different engine. I did a Google search & found a lot of listings pointing to someone in Portsmouth offering rebuilt service exchange engines but they all link to a website, which seems to be inaccessible. Although a new replacement engine won't be a lot more expensive, and we can happily downsize (as an 80HP engine in a narrow boat is somewhat overkill), there are a lot of other things that will need to be changed with a new engine.

We're currently in NZ until May so doing the job myself is not really an option as we have a strong preference for getting it sorted before we return. I'd like to make a decision in the next few weeks so any advice/suggestions gratefully received.

03/17/11 @ 20:22
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
have you tried

one of the biggest ford spares suppliers and rebuilders but not cheap
03/17/11 @ 20:41
Comment from: Reg [Visitor]
Stumbled across your site, curtesy of Mr. Google.
Made good use of the manuals.
Thanks for your time, you have certainly saved me heaps.
03/31/11 @ 11:28
Comment from: kiwial [Member] Email
Thanks Mark, after a bit of research, unfortunately I have decided to ditch the Ford & replace it with a brand new (but smaller & more practical) engine. Ultimately it will actually be quite a lot cheaper and easier although I still have disassemble the Ford as the only way it's going to come out is in bits!

Thanks again,
04/05/11 @ 03:51
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
might be a queue of people for the bits though
04/05/11 @ 06:34
Comment from: Brian Burley [Visitor] Email
06/03/11 @ 10:01
Comment from: Brian Burley [Visitor]
very nice web site
thank you

does anyone have any opinion on
the best type of anitfreeze for the
ford lehman ?

thanks in advance
Brian Burley
06/03/11 @ 10:02
Comment from: D Lippincott [Visitor]
I'm looking for parts for a Lehman 2715:

Expansion tank assembly part no. D876
Water pump (fresh water) no. 5004985
Water cap no. 2C302
Expansion tank part no. 1A232
Filler Neck 2C300
Water pump (fresh water) no 5004985
Water Cap no. 2C302

For the tank and filler neck a used one would be fine. Anybody have one on a junk engine they would be willing to sell? What would be the best source for the other stuff in the USA? NAPA?
Thanks for the effort on this site. Great resource.
06/21/11 @ 17:56
Comment from: D Lippincott [Visitor]
I also need a rear crankshaft main seal. 6105490 is the FordLehmanBaseParts part number. Does anybody have a Ford part number for this seal? It looks like an "old fashoned" rope seal in the picture.

Please Mr. Moderator, Let the responses flow. ;-) I'm feeling some time pressure.....
06/24/11 @ 19:05
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
is it in any of the ford parts catalogues above?
06/24/11 @ 19:18
Comment from: zulu [Member] Email
Are you ok Mark.
Regards Mike
06/25/11 @ 07:28
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
Jury is out on that one!
06/25/11 @ 07:29
Comment from: zulu [Member] Email
Whats happened to you noticed you hadnt posted for a while hope things arent to bad.Iam going to view the Zulu Kate tomorrow morning also the fifie in lancaster you told me about is available now it needs to be moved in the next 4 weeks if you know anyone who may be interested i think for me its a bit to much at the mo.Have got to pop out for a few hours now can i give you a ring this afternoon.I have the guys number for Lupin if its any use.My number is 07802980354 or txt me yours and i will ring you this afternoon.Mike
06/25/11 @ 07:38
Comment from: D Lippincott [Visitor]
The guys at NAPA could not cross reference the numbers from those sheets with anything that made sense. American Diesel has everything so I will go with them. The only things that were really pricey was the water pump and full gasket kit. Still not way out of line with regular car and truck stuff that I buy. I guess we need to keep these guys in business so they are there for the esoteric stuff when we need it.

Has anyone tried to replace the aft crankshaft seal without loosening the main bearing caps for a little working room? When I was a kid I did it on a Buick straight eight and it worked ok. I think I would have room to do it that way by just lifting the aft end of the engine if I don't need to get at the main bearing caps. If I need to get at the bearing caps I will need to lift the whole engine and get it on it's side. Much bigger job but better that than get all done and have it still leaking oil....
Good Site, It is very help full.
06/28/11 @ 16:19
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
have you tried lancing marine?

they usually can reference any part
06/28/11 @ 18:13
Comment from: robert [Visitor] Email
what is the difference between fl-120 and the 135?
07/07/11 @ 22:45
Comment from: Steve Latham [Visitor] Email ·,uk
My son is currently in the middle of the Indian Ocean - with engine problems; more specifically gearbox. It's attached to a Ford 2700. Anyone any idea what gearbox I might be able to find that would fit? Do I need more information about the engine?
07/27/11 @ 16:00
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
any gearbox will fit as long as it has the corrector adapter plate - so its the plate thats the crucial bit. that said I see more borg warner boxes fitted to ford than other things
07/27/11 @ 16:03
Comment from: Pedro [Visitor]
thanks a lot to publish this manuals and partslist, I'll use this manual at the conversion of my Fordson Super Major 4 cylinder tractor-engine convert to a 6 cylinder engine 2703e. this 6-cyl engine has been completely overhauled by my-self and an overhauling expert . agian; thanks a lot!
08/09/11 @ 22:25
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
chances are there maybe a full how to rebuild a ford lehman engine type post very soon. A blog post in the next day or too will explain all!
08/09/11 @ 23:10
Comment from: muileachmor [Visitor]
Hi all, saw a query from a guy looking for crankshaft seal. There is a co. in Glasgow called "pistons and components"who were always 1st class at sourcing difficult/old stuff like that. Not sure of their present address, they were in Gt Western road, but i think they may have moved. Parts were always much cheaper than the marine highwaymens prices.
On the earlier subject of the cold start button on the injector pump not going in or staying in. If the stop control is not fully released before pressing the button, it wont allow the rack to move into the excess fuel position. In cold weather its always a good idea to press the button when the engine is stopped warm. It makes ahuge difference to the cold starting, especially on older engines.
09/16/11 @ 12:51
Comment from: Mikael [Visitor] Email
Hi! I have an ford engine 6 cyl in my boat with turbo. I dont know anything about the engine.All i know is the number i found on it- PB T4 703F-6015-BA, can some one tell me more about it?
09/18/11 @ 10:16
Comment from: PAUL GOODWIN [Visitor]
Excellent site brill
10/10/11 @ 17:38
Comment from: John Healy [Visitor]
I have a wet manifold two heads one that is rebuilt and a fuel injectour pump. 1 860 617 4530 thanks
10/25/11 @ 17:05
Comment from: Eric Smith [Visitor] Email
I have a pristine ford lehmann 1600 diesel, with very low hours, in a boat I bought. I have a manual CT7201 D 1/84. Engine serial is 20 4 86. unfortunately for me the manual is in german - not a subject on offer when I was at school around 1940! Boat came from germany so language is appropriate (for the previous owner). Any ideas anyone where I can get at least an owners maintenance manual? IN ENGLISH!
10/29/11 @ 21:42
Comment from: Tony Farthing UK [Visitor]
Hello MFV Pansy
Your info' is brilliant, I have been trying to find some of this for months; I have a Ford Dorset 2713E 'D' 6ltr 6 cylinder marinised to Mermaid Mariner spec on a Borg Warner 2'10-1 G/Box' which I have been looking to connect an oil pressure guage; Thanks very much for your Site, Regards Tony
10/30/11 @ 17:25
Comment from: Roger [Visitor] Email
Anyone know the expected compression PSI on a 2711E?
Great site
11/23/11 @ 16:33
Comment from: Darko [Visitor] Email
Excellent site, superb PDFs!

I have cylinder head, wet exhaust manifold and some other stuff for Lehman 120 HP. Parts are in Croatia.

12/02/11 @ 22:41
Comment from: warren [Visitor]
Help ,Please
I need a 2 grouve water pump pulley for a ford lehman 120 hp. as I am having problems with the alt. belt slipping with the single 3/8 "A" belt. Ant ideas where I can find such a thing????
01/04/12 @ 03:16
Comment from: Wayne Hunt [Visitor] Email
Hi there, great site. Have down loaded several of your manuals, thanks.
We have just purchased a 1976 launch in New Zealand with what is described as a Ford 2704E at 180HP, i suspect it may be a 2704ET the serial number is 72818, any assistance or advice in confirming identity greatly appreciated
01/12/12 @ 09:58
Comment from: Warwick Jamieson [Visitor]
I have down loaded manual, much appreciated thanks. I am having a problem with our 2712e. I have removed the injector pump and had it serviced but I didn't position the marks before removing it, I have found the timing mark on the pump but can not find any marks around the crankshaft pully. Does anyone know where the crank should be set in degrees before TDC to match the pump mark.
Thanks, Warwick...
01/22/12 @ 09:12
Comment from: Jean [Visitor] Email
Hi, I'm wanting to fit a calorifier to my 120hp 6 cylinder Ford Lehman. Does anyone know where I can get a kit from, it says in the manual that Lehman supplied one. If not, does anyone know where I tap into the engine for the hot water feed and return to the calorifier?
Many thanks, Jean
01/22/12 @ 13:54
Comment from: anders bk [Visitor]
hi y all
I well be pleased if anyone would help my. my 2701E engine have a big hull in the side I´m not sure whats its call in english but the rod thats hold the cylinder is broken. so my question is have had the 2701e similar to other ford engines, I can't find any 2701e here in Denmark so maybe a other engine can fit to the ration-gear, water-cooler and so on

02/05/12 @ 19:55
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
guess you mean the con-rod??

a lot of 2700 engines started live as standard Ford industrial engines, check out ford cargo 4D and 6D truck engines for some parts
02/05/12 @ 20:00
Comment from: anders bk [Visitor]
is 2701E, 2703E. 2704E, 2701C, 2703C, 2704E, 2711E, 2712E, 2713E, 2714E, 2715E, 2704ET Turbo and 2704 ET Turbo Plus Engines the same blok, question is if I have find a 2711E and 2712E engine are this the same as 2701E.
best regards anders
02/07/12 @ 09:54
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
both 2701 and 2711 and 2712 are in

2701 is 3964cc (242 cu in) and the 2711 and 2712 are 4150cc (254 cu in)

so the 2701 is a smaller engine, bore is 105mm stroke 115mm

2711 and 2712 bore is 107mm stroke 115mm

maybe the 2701 just as a bigger cylinder liner?? a lot of the other parts look to be the same though, with same part numbers
02/07/12 @ 10:10
Comment from: morton [Visitor] Email
can anyone tell me the proper timing mark on the fly wheel of a Ford 2711E 4 cylinder engine. thanks morton
03/11/12 @ 10:39
Comment from: steve hardy [Visitor] Email
as eney one got a lehman6d water cooled manerfold exhaest elbow thahks steve mob 07754234991 boston lincs
03/19/12 @ 21:42
Comment from: p.c.b. [Member] Email
Have found this site to be brillant. have a 2711e engine in my boat. At the end of last summer the exaust manifold broke Ihad it welded up but after putting back I seem to have misplaced two things (I think that they got put out with the rubbish) one is the dipstick and the other is the water cap for the bowman heat exchanger. I think that the cap may be a standard type but i dont know the pressure setting. Anyone know where I would get a dipstick. I am in Ireland and cannot find many of these engines. Thanks Padraig
04/15/12 @ 16:45
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
I'll check the pressure on our cap. should be there this week. If you can't find a dipstick, I'll see what I can do - we should be getting a full engine for spares shortly so might have a spare one you can have
04/15/12 @ 16:50
Comment from: p.c.b. [Member] Email
Thanks Mark that would be great
04/15/12 @ 20:01
Comment from: p.c.b. [Member] Email
to anyone out there. If somebody can measure from the seat of the dipstick (where the dipstick sits on the engine) of a 2711E to the hi and lo level I would be very greatful. thank you
05/07/12 @ 21:10
Comment from: johnolson [Member] Email
I have a pair of 2728T (SP225)Lehmans in my trawler. Can someone help me identify the place(s) where the engine coolant can be drained. Thanks.
John Olson
06/15/12 @ 21:31
Comment from: gerry from ireland [Member] Email
can anyone tell me where i can get temp senderunits for my ford lehman engines
07/03/12 @ 16:28
Comment from: p.c.b. [Member] Email
Still hoping that somebody can measure a dipstick for a 2711E or have one spare.
Please help. Thank you
07/17/12 @ 07:56
Comment from: daycoming [Member] Email
I have just installed a 1715e in my boat.
I had the Injector pump reconditioned before I installed the engine.
The Engine is blowing white smoke can anybody help with what can be the cause.
I am pretty sure no water is getting into the cylinders.
07/17/12 @ 08:50
Comment from: daycoming [Member] Email
I have just installed a 2715e in my boat.
I had the Injector pump reconditioned before I installed the engine.
The Engine is blowing white smoke can anybody help with what can be the cause.
I am pretty sure no water is getting into the cylinders.
07/17/12 @ 08:51
Comment from: fourways [Member] Email
Hi everyone,

I've got a 2714E in my boat but the serial number tag is missing. Any idea about how I can get this engine identified from Ford Lehman? By the way this website is excellent!!
10/19/12 @ 13:55
Comment from: Terry Desmond [Visitor]
I'm got a Matbro Bray 5000, it has a Ford 2723E engine, I am looking for a workshop manual for it. Can you help?
Thank you
11/13/12 @ 16:30
Comment from: John [Visitor] Email
Thanks for a very informative, interesting site.
I have just had the 4-cylinder 2700 series diesel (2700E-6015-B on block, 2700E-6450-B on tappet cover) in my boat rebuilt and would like some advice about the oil I should use after running in. Prior to me purchasing the boat and up until the rebuild it was using BP Vanellus C3 Mono 30. Someone has recommended Morris Golden Film SAE30. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
01/14/13 @ 07:21
Comment from: Jim b [Visitor] Email
Hi, I have a 2714e, not sure of the year, new oil pump in the box. but its missing heat exchanger, starter, expantion tank, no gears, but good motor, I HAD a 38 footer, to be repowerd, until Katrina destroid her, Iv been sitting on this motor for about 10 yrs, THIS motor was never in my boat, I also have a New front sump oil pan, if someone is interested. I'll check back in a while, this is a great website. I do have picturs, thanks
02/14/13 @ 07:43
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
if it was a 2715e I might have been interested myself!
02/14/13 @ 09:31
Comment from: Franjo [Visitor]
Hi! I have two engines 2725E in my workshop that need to be rebuild. Problem is that in my country (Croatia) there's no one selling parts for these engines. Does anyone know where can I get parts like gasket set, piston rings, bearings etc.
03/18/13 @ 13:55
Comment from: mark [Member] Email
try they should be able to post parts to croatia
03/18/13 @ 14:01
Comment from: magellanyachts [Member] Email
This link has helped me.

07/14/13 @ 21:37

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