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The Pansy Manifesto

The Census man tried to test me... so I ate his liver with some fava beans and nice chianti..Anyone else had a visit for not filling it in? Sort of feel a bit sorry for the poor sod, schlepping around the houses on minimum wage hassling people. Tol… more »

Pansy the politician

Finally a rain and snow free day - yup, had a fair bit of the white stuff already, so made the most of it and had a day doing boaty stuff. Was hoping to get her turned around today but no-one about to lend a hand so that'll have to keep for next time.… more »

Why the Scots Hate the English!

a busmans holiday? some electrickery and gizmos for someone else's boat..... has turned into a search for new, more descriptive, collective nouns it all started on the long ferry ride out to Barra from Oban, all my nightmares come at once, think I'd… more »

not banned, just not a member or allowed in anymore!

An interesting first for me today, been doing this internet malarkey, nearly as long as I've been doing this boating malarkey, 20 years man and boy as they say (bit longer with the wet things). But I've been defiled and finally lost my 'never been banned… more »

Musings on 'Elf n Safety

musings on 'elf n safety bugger all to do with anything boaty (well almost), but I've come to the conclusion that by and large we have turned into a rather limp wristed nation of soggy apologists. It all started by watching the panic set in as the en… more »

Zen and the Art of Trawler Conversion

Dark nights & cold days are upon us, so, until we get the 'spacher working, its getting a tad chilly on the old girl, although a dozen litres of diesel engine purring away for a while does make the engine room nice n toasty, which is where most of th… more »

Get Rich Quick and beat the Credit Crunch!

Had a major Eureka moment today. Started with the quest for a new starter motor which 'suffered' in the wee conflagration in the hole. So we've got a Ford Lehman 2715e 6 cylinder diesel, not what you'd call common, but not a rare beast either. The sta… more »