Archives for: December 2009

Skippers Eyes Only

Just back from our kid's after just getting there - me Nana's decided to have a stroke for christmas! Might get down tomorrow, if the thaw's still on could get some caulikng done. It was flipping brassics up there mind Pumped her oot btw before we… more »

Building a wooden boat from scratch

Whilst mooching around the internet to stave off the christmas boredom, came across this little gem. A lovely old wooden ringer (ring netter) being built. From the drawing board to launch. Superb bit of film. The caulking bit of the video was a trea… more »

In the Absence of anything cheery to say...

a couple more oldies. First the original Pansy, now lying at the bottom of loch ness: Built for an owned by the same family as original owned our pansy. A big Zulu under full sail and another whitehills one, Pansy lying inside lupin in the middle… more »

Strictly Come Dancing

Will that help the Google rankings Skippar? Had the great pleasure of busting a few moves on the new deck today! We decided to take a chance and roll back the the tarp for the first time in yonkys to let the new floor breathe for a while, what a wonde… more »

Model trawler kit 1:1 scale??

Big lumps of wood are great. Elm in this case. Brilliant stuff, won't rot under water, won't rot above water. might rot in between the 2 after many years if not looked after. So why not take a leaf out of the Airfix book and make some spare parts out… more »

From Dusk till Dawn

no hang on thats the wrong way round, you get the idea though. Got down there bright and early. Operation cover boards underway. A couple of pieces of oak I had been coveting and had squirreled away for the purpose where whipped out of their damp ding… more »