Archives for: July 2009

finally, something that fits

Bit of a landmark today, actually fixed something in place. Ok, the beamshelf I suppose is another something that was fixed in place, but today, the first deck beam is proper fixed, with a proper knee an' that Had to do the deck beam hokey cokey on m… more »

Another Day on the Death Trap

Try as we might, we've not as yet, managed to kill anyone. Christ knows we've tried hard enough, after a few hopping around comedy moments with a piece of wood nailed to me foot, miscellaneous electrocutions and grinder incidents and the finger caper, t… more »

Better than Drugs??

thought for the day - Not sinking is better than sinking, and not sinking is way way better than drugs. Earned my gold badge of old wooden boat ownership today. We've been taking a bit of water, had thought with all the summery stormyness it was co… more »

Aren't Nails Great!

they're spikey, you can hit em really hard with a hammer and they hold stuff together, and in our case seem to be everlasting. The deck saga is on going, and one surprise, despite the non-woody consistency of some of the wood, the nails are in remarkable… more »