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deck repairs for (absolute) beginners - A trilogy in 2 parts (part 4)

for those of you that missed parts 2 and 3, they'll be appearing next week, as Pansy makes an appearance in Ambridge, where Joe Grundy is revealed as the long lost nephew of Pablo Escobar, and is caught smuggling a boat load of comedy shaped turnips into… more »

deck repairs for (absolute) beginners - A trilogy in 2 parts

One of things I love about big old fishing boats, trawlers, MFV's call em what you will is the relative lack of finesse in their construction. yachts, pleasure boats and the like tend to be scientifically crafted, every piece a perfect match for its nei… more »

How much wood can a wood chuck chuck?

few hours in the sun, even had me shirt off much to the distain of the odd yottie that passed by, hacking away with adze, chisel and plane, got 2 deck beams done. :D, Sweep of the deck roughly hacked out with the adze, cleaned up a bit with a 2" wood ch… more »

What no power tools?

Started to attack one of the new beams today, but.... is it just me or has any one else ever found themselves looking lovingly at a piece of timber and though it too nice to cut up, and had a few pangs of guilt?? hey ho though, hope my woodworking sk… more »

Got Wood

After much trawling (geddit?) we found some 'ickle (!) bits of wood for the old girl. So pretty much a year on, this old fishing boat is pretty much 'bottomed'. nothing left to throw away hardly, so here starts the putty back together phase I guess.… more »

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!

I've found my niche and it is fire! Maybe we should have bought a disused cornfield and tried to convert that into a boat! Over the last three weeks I have managed to burn off at least 473 square units of paint with this gun type thing. I thought the fac… more »

The Belly of the Beast

Not been near for a month, what with one thing and another, and a wee spot of R&R, so had a splurge today (well someone had to!) forgot the proper camera (again) so more pics from the Why Aye Phone. Managed to chop the remaining bits n bobs up wit… more »