Archives for: October 2008

Come worship at the alter of conversion!

Blimey, we've now got a cathedral up front, ok, maybe a small chapel, alright a nice empty, dry cabin ready to converted into something useful. finally shifted the remaining, err ballast? Still don't know why each individual 10kg pig of iron was wrapp… more »

Why Water is Good

Prong One! We did a lot today with the power of good old aitch two Oh. We used a new chinese invention the "Hiya Presha Washa" to blast everything off of everything, the skipper caught a bit of shrapnel in the eye but he's got three eyes anyway so it's e… more »

Keeping Boats Afloat

I don't know if you're aware of Advocado's principle - something about why 900 ton boats can float and a 2g ball bearing will sink like a stone (Concrete hulled boats - whassthaallabout?) Hang on, an advocado's a fruit or a yellow drink or a football man… more »

Tarmac on deck... lets have cobbles in the bilges

Time for a before and after! Spent the last couple of weeks down in the hole, rewiring, emptying the unspeakable bilges, cleaning the timbers and removing the mass of 'ballast' that had been stacked up right in the stern above the prop cutout and over t… more »

Small Road Planer Required...

In a fit of Pique today, I decided to investigate the deck... a bit. First impressions... grey deck paint, possibly with a coat of green underneath. An hour later I came to the conclusion the deck has been tarmaced!! Started gently, little bit of a… more »

what price a penny?

Its all going on now! will get some pics taken this weekend of the before and after engine room, even got some of that paint stuff applied now. Not been without its unpleasantness though. Got down in the bilges and removed several buckets full of what… more »