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Pansy get her name back

MFV Motor Fifie Pansy gets a nameboard
Pansy in whitehills
The poor old girl has been devoid of any recognition for years, so thought its about time to give her her name back properly. No.2 had the foresight to scribble her name inside the bulwarks with a pen for the trip back to ward of sea serpents and the… more »

Ladies of a certain age.....

ok so she sets fire to herself and wets her pants a bit, thats old ladies for you. but a cure has to be, and I believe has been found. Down in the hole there is an accumulation of 70 years of oil, grease, soot, dust, rusty bits, diesel, hydraulic oil… more »

Stranger things have happened

Ford Fiesta - Marine Version Orrible colour! more »

Progressing back to square one

'Broons aall roond' as they are oft heard to say in Cowes week, the Panser now starts and runs off the key again, the rats nest, both burnt and unburnt flavours, has been attacked and vanquished. Spiffy new wiring, all neat and accessible, proper isolat… more »

No. 2' s lessons in life

OK - so now I know, there are brushes inside of starter motors and soneloids make sparks. It's a funny old world. I have finally committed totally to our lovely Pansy, no going back, went and bought what's known in working circles as a "Boiler Suit". I a… more »

Get Rich Quick and beat the Credit Crunch!

Had a major Eureka moment today. Started with the quest for a new starter motor which 'suffered' in the wee conflagration in the hole. So we've got a Ford Lehman 2715e 6 cylinder diesel, not what you'd call common, but not a rare beast either. The sta… more »

Fire in the hole!

Fire aboard an MFV conversion
nothing makes a converted MFV motor Fifie more homely that a real fire
Fire aboard an MFV conversion
nothing makes a converted MFV motor Fifie more homely that a real fire
Oh Dear, all is not well down below, we've had a lucky escape from a wee conflagration. Got there t'other day, major proper work getting started now, thought I'd give the henjin a run, ignition, contact... and... nowt, nada, in fact, bugger all. Open t… more »

No. 2 requesting permission to board

After suffering a series of outrageous slurs on my general sea worthiness, urino-genital tract and all round slackness in the "doing stuff" department I feel it is only fair to peep above the gunnels, check conditions using the one-eyed Beaufort Scale an… more »

going a bit Withnail

time to catch up, been on my jollies for a week or three up that scotland, so thought I'd better go see if she was still floating today and definitely went a bit Withnail when I went down below.... last time out we'd left a few 'Things' in the sink, u… more »