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Finally Back in the Tyne

And with many thanks to Tommy Neptune for the picture, Pansy making her entrance to the tyne more »

What Smoking Ban??

Its been a strange few weeks since we got back, all manner of calamities preventing us from getting to grips with the old girl and from getting the blog updated, such that I've now taken to advising anyone that meets me to visit both their doctor and the… more »

Crispins Revenge

Maybe the yacht Crispin has supernatural powers and has read the comments from Peterhead, but strange things have been afoot recently. Had a wee jaunt down the river to give the MK3 hydraulic steering system a go, lovely day, plod out of the piers, bit… more »


not long now

so, the paperwork is done and she's all ours. Another 700 mile round trip this weekend, fitted some more electronic wizardry and had a good old poke about in anticipation of the voyage back to the Tyne. so we slept on a Pansy for the weekend, least I w… more »

In the Beginning...

well not in the beginning, a bit later, well 1938 actually, Pansy BF494 was built by the Macduff Engineering Co. She was built for J Wiseman and others of Whitehills and as far as we can see, had no other owners or name/number until she was sold to a Pe… more »