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Why Water is Good

Prong One! We did a lot today with the power of good old aitch two Oh. We used a new chinese invention the "Hiya Presha Washa" to blast everything off of everything, the skipper caught a bit of shrapnel in the eye but he's got three eyes anyway so it's e… more »

Keeping Boats Afloat

I don't know if you're aware of Advocado's principle - something about why 900 ton boats can float and a 2g ball bearing will sink like a stone (Concrete hulled boats - whassthaallabout?) Hang on, an advocado's a fruit or a yellow drink or a football man… more »

what price a penny?

Its all going on now! will get some pics taken this weekend of the before and after engine room, even got some of that paint stuff applied now. Not been without its unpleasantness though. Got down in the bilges and removed several buckets full of what… more »

Stranger things have happened

Ford Fiesta - Marine Version Orrible colour! more »

No. 2' s lessons in life

OK - so now I know, there are brushes inside of starter motors and soneloids make sparks. It's a funny old world. I have finally committed totally to our lovely Pansy, no going back, went and bought what's known in working circles as a "Boiler Suit". I a… more »

No. 2 requesting permission to board

After suffering a series of outrageous slurs on my general sea worthiness, urino-genital tract and all round slackness in the "doing stuff" department I feel it is only fair to peep above the gunnels, check conditions using the one-eyed Beaufort Scale an… more »

going a bit Withnail

time to catch up, been on my jollies for a week or three up that scotland, so thought I'd better go see if she was still floating today and definitely went a bit Withnail when I went down below.... last time out we'd left a few 'Things' in the sink, u… more »


Converted MFV Motor Fifie
She's is in remarkable good condition considering she's 70 years old, nothing more than a bit of TLC to the odd seam here and there

A tight squeeze on the slip

Converted MFV Motor Fifie
Take a deep breath and go for it! measured up, we're actually over 15 feet wide, the slip is around 16 feet wide, so not a lot of room for maneuvering

here fishy fishy fishy

right then, best laid plans of mice and men. Hydraulics No 4 looks good to go, final adjustments to make tomorrow, need to construct a rubber mount for the shaft to dampen any stray vibrations and that's it sorted. It will unfortunately mean I will hav… more »