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Too Much Information

So, we got back, have recovered and done a few bits of work on the old girl, but maybe some introductions are in order. Pansy actually has 2 proud new masters (or possibly servants :-/ ) No.1 (from the journey back) is me, No.2 (also from the journey… more »

Zulu or Fifie

Had a comment from someone wondering wether she might be a Zulu, not a fifie, I always believed she was a Motor Fifie, but the rake on the stern post gives it all away apparently and this one could be either, so maybe she's a Zufie. A year or 2 a go I l… more »

The Jury is out on this one

so, we're in peterhead, quick scrub up in the shower (the "Yacht Crispin" left a floater BTW), and off for some badly needed sustenance, a curry is what was needed so woke the security guard (sorry!) to ask him if he knew where might be good, he didn't,… more »

get you priorities right for gawds sake...

so there we are bouncing around, watching the water feature develop in the saloon - I can now confirm that the noise of running water is neither pacifying nor relaxing, all but ready to say pretty please to the harbour master to let us in despite the fac… more »

so we got here

had be meaning to post a few bits and pieces about the trip back, but only just recovered!! but we got here any way, and it was certainly eventful, had to pay an unexpected ransom demand to just get out of the canal which we weren't expecting, just sh… more »

Pikey's Afloat

so we buy this lovely old girl, a real veteran breadwinner of hardy stock, intent on giving her the love she deserves and restoring her to her former glory. A boat that boaty people should be proud to look on... Apparently not, turned away from the ma… more »

not long now

OK, 7 days to D day, departure that is. be a doddle, just a few million quids worth of yachts to untangle ourselves from, turn a round a boat thats nearly as long as the Caley is wide, negotiate a load of locks and bridges and then hit the sea... in a b… more »