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Fire in the hole!

Fire aboard an MFV conversion
nothing makes a converted MFV motor Fifie more homely that a real fire
Fire aboard an MFV conversion
nothing makes a converted MFV motor Fifie more homely that a real fire
Oh Dear, all is not well down below, we've had a lucky escape from a wee conflagration. Got there t'other day, major proper work getting started now, thought I'd give the henjin a run, ignition, contact... and... nowt, nada, in fact, bugger all. Open t… more »

going a bit Withnail

time to catch up, been on my jollies for a week or three up that scotland, so thought I'd better go see if she was still floating today and definitely went a bit Withnail when I went down below.... last time out we'd left a few 'Things' in the sink, u… more »

my what a big bottom you have

finally in your bunk at 1am, pot noodle for breakfast at 2.30am, you know its got the makings of an interesting day never realised how different the upper tyne looks in the pitchy dark when you're a bit sleepy, a lot of the lights on the perches up th… more »

to boldly go....

where not much has been for quite some time, ok not quite as catchy as james tiberious kirk, but his ship wasn't a Pansy! Busy week coming up and just a wee bit nerve racking to boot. She coming out the water next weekend. but first the 'to boldly… more »

Converting the conversion?

Well, after yesterdays little tussle with a few fixtures and fittings, we're still debating the relative merits of converting the conversion. Whilst whats there has been mostly well built, the layout doesn't make the most of the space. Looked at dozens… more »

Now, about that switch...

"shower tray drain pump" might of been a bit misleading, but the truth of it was finally revealed today. In a fit of pique, I ventured under the sink... the sink was leaking, well not so much leaking, but when you pulled the plug out, the water drained… more »

mutinous behaviour

well whadya know, we can now not only steer in a straight line and the turning circle is less than a mile now as well. In fact we can actually do U turns in a couple of boat lengths. Yup the steering is up and running, fine tuned and works like what it… more »

so thats what that switch does....

Did some exploring in the bilges t'other day, as you do, and came upon a mystery white box. Aye aye, sez I, whats in here then?? lord lucan's missing millions?, some previous owners souvenirs from columbia and ecuador?.... neither I'm sad (and possi… more »

Having a movement down below

No 2 has very brown hands today by all accounts, fumbling around in the bowels where that sun don't shine... The ballast from the forecabin, as yet untouched by the hand of 'trawler conversion', has been relocated apparently. All good stuff been itchi… more »

match abandoned

Well, like I said, best laid plans of mice and men.... it just didn't happen. Everything aboard ship shape and ready for the off, Drilled some more holes in the bottom of the boat so any water we might take would have somewhere to go, I even tidied up… more »