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Tora! Tora! Tora!

After a few sedentary weeks, had a bansai moment today. Plans have been formulated and a schedule of works drawn up, so hopefully the next few weeks should see major progress. Fab news from our newest bestest friends at the Historic Ships register. We… more »

Plan of a Tack

Well they're small and pointy at one end, ok plan of attack then, rather than something to nail the carpets down with! New year well and truly seen in, hangover's but a fond(!) and distant memory, and time to get the our fingers out (all 20 off them?)… more »

Full of Christmas Cheer?

Feeling a bit Jim Royle in this season of consumer frenzy formerly known as Christmas not posted for a while, stuff has been happening, but not a lot, cold days aren't the most conducive to doing 'stuff'. There's been a bit more tinkering in the henj… more »

Zen and the Art of Trawler Conversion

Dark nights & cold days are upon us, so, until we get the 'spacher working, its getting a tad chilly on the old girl, although a dozen litres of diesel engine purring away for a while does make the engine room nice n toasty, which is where most of th… more »

Come worship at the alter of conversion!

Blimey, we've now got a cathedral up front, ok, maybe a small chapel, alright a nice empty, dry cabin ready to converted into something useful. finally shifted the remaining, err ballast? Still don't know why each individual 10kg pig of iron was wrapp… more »

Tarmac on deck... lets have cobbles in the bilges

Time for a before and after! Spent the last couple of weeks down in the hole, rewiring, emptying the unspeakable bilges, cleaning the timbers and removing the mass of 'ballast' that had been stacked up right in the stern above the prop cutout and over t… more »

what price a penny?

Its all going on now! will get some pics taken this weekend of the before and after engine room, even got some of that paint stuff applied now. Not been without its unpleasantness though. Got down in the bilges and removed several buckets full of what… more »

Ladies of a certain age.....

ok so she sets fire to herself and wets her pants a bit, thats old ladies for you. but a cure has to be, and I believe has been found. Down in the hole there is an accumulation of 70 years of oil, grease, soot, dust, rusty bits, diesel, hydraulic oil… more »

Progressing back to square one

'Broons aall roond' as they are oft heard to say in Cowes week, the Panser now starts and runs off the key again, the rats nest, both burnt and unburnt flavours, has been attacked and vanquished. Spiffy new wiring, all neat and accessible, proper isolat… more »

Get Rich Quick and beat the Credit Crunch!

Had a major Eureka moment today. Started with the quest for a new starter motor which 'suffered' in the wee conflagration in the hole. So we've got a Ford Lehman 2715e 6 cylinder diesel, not what you'd call common, but not a rare beast either. The sta… more »