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Better than Drugs??

thought for the day - Not sinking is better than sinking, and not sinking is way way better than drugs. Earned my gold badge of old wooden boat ownership today. We've been taking a bit of water, had thought with all the summery stormyness it was co… more »

Aren't Nails Great!

they're spikey, you can hit em really hard with a hammer and they hold stuff together, and in our case seem to be everlasting. The deck saga is on going, and one surprise, despite the non-woody consistency of some of the wood, the nails are in remarkable… more »

Got Wood

After much trawling (geddit?) we found some 'ickle (!) bits of wood for the old girl. So pretty much a year on, this old fishing boat is pretty much 'bottomed'. nothing left to throw away hardly, so here starts the putty back together phase I guess.… more »

The Belly of the Beast

Not been near for a month, what with one thing and another, and a wee spot of R&R, so had a splurge today (well someone had to!) forgot the proper camera (again) so more pics from the Why Aye Phone. Managed to chop the remaining bits n bobs up wit… more »

Nothing to go on...

So the surveyor man, came & went - we wish him a speedy recovery. Actually, it all went well really, didn't find much we hadn't already discovered, his nods as good as a wink as far as the insurance wallers are concerned so onwards and upwards. N… more »

The Surveyor Man Cometh

We're now officially masters of all we survey (I think). The surveyor came down to day, (cue dramatic music) gave the old girl the thrice over.... Actually wasn't quite as bad as we(I) we're expecting, although I've yet to see the full report, but over… more »

broadsword calling danny boy, broadsword calling danny boy...

just a quick up date, loads been happening. found an bought a pair of absolutely mint Sailor radio sets for the old girl, yeah we've got modern DSC VHF's and all that, but these lads just look soooo right, in fact I'd also wager that Sailor manufactured… more »

Ford Lehman Marine Diesel engine stuff

Had a few emails over the last month or 2 from folks that have googled upon us with a similar Ford lehman engine to ours, ours is the Lehman 2715e. so thought it it might be useful to stick on or 2 bits on here and let google do its stuff for anyone e… more »

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

I'm sure there's some hi falootin' word to describe a cannibal that eats themselves, whatever that word is, we've turned Pansy into one. :idea: :idea: Install a fire and burn the bits of the boat we don't want any more indeedy, what used to a us… more »

Sharpen up!

just a quick one on the importance of looking after your tools. things are gathering pace, lots of decisions made, several miles of timber is almost on order, we've almost bought a stove and we've nearly started the woodwork proper. So time to dig ou… more »