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No 1.. The Larch... The Larch

Just in case there's any Python Fans out there!. Needed Larch. So got some. Wrote my car off in the process though. Called in at the garage on the way home tonight to have it confirmed. Still driving it though. Basically, the weight of all the la… more »

Is it Because I is Black?

half a black boat! Even recaulked the hideous bit at the arse end, and tarted the rudder up a bit, top rail saw some more linseed oil and some paint too. Top Plank removed and made ready for the new one as well. Just another coat of paint on the hull,… more »

Thanks Jeffrey!

Couldn't resist, still loads more to do but I just had to. Port side of the hull is now caulked and all the seams have been sealed with putty apart from a couple of bits at the hint end. Stood back an looked and then though 'got to do it'. Paint! I… more »

More deck caulking, hull caulking and seam paying...

Pay the seams? Gladly pay a small fortune at the minute to see them filled. slowly but surely though its getting done. Done another couple of days and most of one side is almost ready for paint 88| that'll be a shocker, will have to run her around… more »

Something Cheery in the Post!

It's not often you get nice things from the postie these days Postie knocks on the door the other day and hands me a big padded envelope. Inside were a couple of treasures and a little letter. Why don't people write letters any more? There's always… more »

Pikey's Afloat? Some People Have no sense of humour!

Oh dear, we've upset someone. some considerable time ago, I made a post relating the desirability of a rare old boat being moored in a shiney modern marina, this post to be precise: Pikeys afloat I didn't even mention the establishment by name, m… more »

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail

Nearly posted this a month ago but found it all too depressing! British Journalism really does need to take a leaf or 3 out of Hunter S's book, kick back, kick off and blow some stuff up. We might not be in the mess we're in if they did, but hey ho I… more »

documentary intermission...

Fame at last. It's a little know and well kept secret, that the whole idea buying an old scottish fishing boat, doing it up and so forth was born by a TV production company, there plan to to film the whole process in your standard "oh no - not more real… more »

In the Absence of anything cheery to say...

a couple more oldies. First the original Pansy, now lying at the bottom of loch ness: Built for an owned by the same family as original owned our pansy. A big Zulu under full sail and another whitehills one, Pansy lying inside lupin in the middle… more »

Model trawler kit 1:1 scale??

Big lumps of wood are great. Elm in this case. Brilliant stuff, won't rot under water, won't rot above water. might rot in between the 2 after many years if not looked after. So why not take a leaf out of the Airfix book and make some spare parts out… more »