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[video:flash:sea-harvesters]Fish Fight campaign to stop discards more »

I'm Spartacus...NO! I'm Spartacus

Who do folks think I am WikiLeaks, (thats a rhetorical question by the way) Anyone that looked in earlier might have been a bit puzzled and confused.  The blog suffered a wee DDoS attack this afternoon and it all went a bit pair shaped. In the words… more »

Scottish MFV Trawler For Sale

Just on the off chance that anyone out there is looking for a boat, here's a rare opportunity to a acquire a historic boat that is up for sale and is still pretty original. Lots of History and was built 1934 by Millers (eligible to go on the register of… more »

Once more with feeling....

Deal done! so, somewhere, lurking in a small forgotten harbour on the east coast of Scotland is a wee 106 year old fifie with my name on it. Well, in the literal sense, it's got someone else's name on it to be truthful. A boat called 'Mark' would be… more »

Fire Without Smoke?

Too cold for nails for the foreseeable future I reckon, so time to maybe turn a bit of attention to the inside bits. had a (very) brief look down today, and discovered another first on the Pansy front... The world's First and only floating ice rink!..… more »

A Revolution in Boat Building

Turned the boat around today (revolution... geddit!) There was an aborted attempt earlier in the week - 30 tons of boat, 40knot cross wind and one man trying to hold 4 ropes was never going to have a happy ending So the nice side is on view and in… more »

Another dent in the roof!

Boat stuff on pause for a couple of weeks.... not content with some big Larch sized footprints in the roof of the car, I sort of went one better last week, and stuck a Mazda 2 sized dent in the roof instead. Needless to say the car really really is wri… more »

I name this ship.....

Anyone remember: Pansy gets her name back Well today was a bit of an occasion. Quite a major landmark in my sad little world! Pansy really did get her name back. The name boards I made 2 years ago finally made there way aboard. An important thi… more »

bit too damp...

... to do much today. Damp on the outside and wet on the inside. Glad I went down today, the indoor water feature had re-appeared, bilge pump going off every 6 minutes! Not long now though till that's resolved once and for all. If all goes to plan, s… more »

so close.....

Did a bit more today, weather looks shite for the next few days so going to have to wait a bit longer to get the paint out and turn her around. Discovered another bit of scabby plank so ripped that off and stuck a new one one, stuck the new timber on th… more »