Category: Fixing stuff

Nothing to go on...

So the surveyor man, came & went - we wish him a speedy recovery. Actually, it all went well really, didn't find much we hadn't already discovered, his nods as good as a wink as far as the insurance wallers are concerned so onwards and upwards. N… more »

Ford Lehman Marine Diesel engine stuff

Had a few emails over the last month or 2 from folks that have googled upon us with a similar Ford lehman engine to ours, ours is the Lehman 2715e. so thought it it might be useful to stick on or 2 bits on here and let google do its stuff for anyone e… more »

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

In fishing days I wonder how much action this saw so I walks into the timber merchants and this bloke said "do you want decking...?" Its alright though, I got the first punch in had a bit of a power tool splurge, some more 'stuff created in the s… more »

Anyone for Tennis?

Even the Queen didn't have a tennis court on her boat! Decided its not tarmac, maybe the stuff they make all weather tennis courts out of??!! Tried hell fire and brimstone to shift it. Nothing doing. The miniature F15 jet engine with full afterbur… more »

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

I'm sure there's some hi falootin' word to describe a cannibal that eats themselves, whatever that word is, we've turned Pansy into one. :idea: :idea: Install a fire and burn the bits of the boat we don't want any more indeedy, what used to a us… more »

Sharpen up!

just a quick one on the importance of looking after your tools. things are gathering pace, lots of decisions made, several miles of timber is almost on order, we've almost bought a stove and we've nearly started the woodwork proper. So time to dig ou… more »

Tora! Tora! Tora!

After a few sedentary weeks, had a bansai moment today. Plans have been formulated and a schedule of works drawn up, so hopefully the next few weeks should see major progress. Fab news from our newest bestest friends at the Historic Ships register. We… more »

Zen and the Art of Trawler Conversion

Dark nights & cold days are upon us, so, until we get the 'spacher working, its getting a tad chilly on the old girl, although a dozen litres of diesel engine purring away for a while does make the engine room nice n toasty, which is where most of th… more »

Come worship at the alter of conversion!

Blimey, we've now got a cathedral up front, ok, maybe a small chapel, alright a nice empty, dry cabin ready to converted into something useful. finally shifted the remaining, err ballast? Still don't know why each individual 10kg pig of iron was wrapp… more »

Tarmac on deck... lets have cobbles in the bilges

Time for a before and after! Spent the last couple of weeks down in the hole, rewiring, emptying the unspeakable bilges, cleaning the timbers and removing the mass of 'ballast' that had been stacked up right in the stern above the prop cutout and over t… more »