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getting things moving again (or how to stop biting your finger nails)

Still trying to beat losing the will to live with this old boat, so trying to get things moving again. Been a funny old year thus far, but at the end of the day If its gonna get done I'll just have to do it myself if its not to become another one of tho… more »

Essential boat builders tool kit

Boat building and ship wrighting in general is said to be 80% hard graft and 10% blether, although maybe that should be the other way around! got an email about tools earlier, and thought It might be useful to share a little wisdom about the necessary… more »

Building a wooden boat from scratch

Whilst mooching around the internet to stave off the christmas boredom, came across this little gem. A lovely old wooden ringer (ring netter) being built. From the drawing board to launch. Superb bit of film. The caulking bit of the video was a trea… more »

From Dusk till Dawn

no hang on thats the wrong way round, you get the idea though. Got down there bright and early. Operation cover boards underway. A couple of pieces of oak I had been coveting and had squirreled away for the purpose where whipped out of their damp ding… more »

Caulking a wooden deck

Had a new, and hitherto reluctant helper today, I believe the correct term may be 'boat widow'. Think she may just be pitying me or trying to humour me a bit though.Time to get the seams caulked and the last few lengths of deck plank laid. The plan… more »

nearly a new deck

Its painfully slow and bit like being at a test match. The covers are on, the covers are off then the covers are on again and finally bad light stops play. Pretty much finished down the one side at least. Bit off jiggery pokery with the deck planks ne… more »

Plankety Plank

Quick up date after a bit more nail bashing the day. Its entirely possible that I've now become a woman as I can multi-task (apparently) spent the day with the WhyAyePhone glued to one ear, plane in one hand, hammer in the other, nails clenched between… more »

Gravity Sucks - official

Just when it was all going so well. the drizzle cleared away, it even warmed up a bit, the tarps were off, chance to get some more of the deck laid. Busy day down there today, lots of boaty comings and goings, and a few people dropped by to say howdy d… more »

Top Deck?

Any one remeber Top Deck - that sugary sweet drink that passed itself off as shandy way back when? used to love it when I were a lad! Any hoo, more revelevant deck repair matters to report, been down and done a bit today, quite chuffed with me bit se… more »

Now, where were we? oh yeah, Deck repairs with spam

ok, bit splurge of energy today, plan was do last bits of 'stuff' to get deck ready for replanking. Sauntered along the marina to find No 2 have a small lie down on the pontoon dressed in overalls and knee pads. Didn't have the heart to tell him he had… more »