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Trawler Conversion Fans of the World Unite!

Its nice when you get emails that don't insinuate your either fat, depressed, have inherited 12 trillion dollars in nigeria or have a small penis with offers to cure all and make you rich. Had a nice email today from one of Pansy's former keepers, keepe… more »


It may have been noticed that No 2 has mentioned fire a few times when he's poked his head in here. Keeps mentioning something about 'the little people' telling him to burn things as well. Had a toddle down there to day to discover him in full pyro… more »

good news bad news....(who pulled the plug out)

good news (for me) the sill on the marina is bust, so low tide today the marina completely emptied, everyone sitting in the mud, but giving me an unbelievable opportunity to recover the lost tools Bad News...... Some git had beat me to it, and to mak… more »

Gravity Sucks - official

Just when it was all going so well. the drizzle cleared away, it even warmed up a bit, the tarps were off, chance to get some more of the deck laid. Busy day down there today, lots of boaty comings and goings, and a few people dropped by to say howdy d… more »

Top Deck?

Any one remeber Top Deck - that sugary sweet drink that passed itself off as shandy way back when? used to love it when I were a lad! Any hoo, more revelevant deck repair matters to report, been down and done a bit today, quite chuffed with me bit se… more »

Cowboys and Henjins!

finger out, big push to get the deck on before it gets finger bitingly cold... Finally got the beams finished today, made loads more sawdust and wood shavings with the last bit of shaping for the sweeps, last of the knees all snuggly bolted in, gonna ri… more »

still afloat!

the emergency inside out caulking job seems to have done the trick, crappest & wettest august for years, only a cheap B&Q tarp covering where the deck used to be, and she ain't sunk! Had a month off, and was expecting the call from the marin… more »

threatening to look bit boaty again

Despite being laid low with swine flu (yup I've got it and am pig sick of it!) managed a few days this week, creating more sawdust and wood shavings, but finally, the big stuff is virtually done on the decky front. Beams are cut, last one just needs lev… more »

finally, something that fits

Bit of a landmark today, actually fixed something in place. Ok, the beamshelf I suppose is another something that was fixed in place, but today, the first deck beam is proper fixed, with a proper knee an' that Had to do the deck beam hokey cokey on m… more »

Another Day on the Death Trap

Try as we might, we've not as yet, managed to kill anyone. Christ knows we've tried hard enough, after a few hopping around comedy moments with a piece of wood nailed to me foot, miscellaneous electrocutions and grinder incidents and the finger caper, t… more »