Category: Fixing stuff

Small Road Planer Required...

In a fit of Pique today, I decided to investigate the deck... a bit. First impressions... grey deck paint, possibly with a coat of green underneath. An hour later I came to the conclusion the deck has been tarmaced!! Started gently, little bit of a… more »

what price a penny?

Its all going on now! will get some pics taken this weekend of the before and after engine room, even got some of that paint stuff applied now. Not been without its unpleasantness though. Got down in the bilges and removed several buckets full of what… more »

Pansy get her name back

MFV Motor Fifie Pansy gets a nameboard
Pansy in whitehills
The poor old girl has been devoid of any recognition for years, so thought its about time to give her her name back properly. No.2 had the foresight to scribble her name inside the bulwarks with a pen for the trip back to ward of sea serpents and the… more »

Ladies of a certain age.....

ok so she sets fire to herself and wets her pants a bit, thats old ladies for you. but a cure has to be, and I believe has been found. Down in the hole there is an accumulation of 70 years of oil, grease, soot, dust, rusty bits, diesel, hydraulic oil… more »

Progressing back to square one

'Broons aall roond' as they are oft heard to say in Cowes week, the Panser now starts and runs off the key again, the rats nest, both burnt and unburnt flavours, has been attacked and vanquished. Spiffy new wiring, all neat and accessible, proper isolat… more »